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'I am where intuition melds and becomes part of everyday life. I am a place that mystifies the mundane and demistifies the metaphysical.' -Raea



Hi there, my name is Raea.

If you have been looking for clear intuitive direction, validation and insight with practical life application- you've found the right person. That's what I do.


I help people get out of their own way to grow their lives and businesses.

This calling began after a Near Death Experience in 2005. I've been using my intuition and business skills to help clients optimize themselves ever since.

Since my NDE- (Near Death Experience) I've been able to see energy. In-fact, that's all I see. Observing life and others this way helps me cut through a huge amount of fluff, target the core and essence of things, and create visible results in the lives of my clients.

My work is laser-sharp and no nonsense. If you want answers, clarity, practical insight, with effective personal and/or business solutions; step right up. If you're not ready to dive deep, get called out, or surpass your limits- I'm not the one for you.

​If you want to go farther into yourself and unlock things you haven't been able to access before, I invite you to book a session. You'll discover why my reputation of excellence is unmatched, why clients rave about our time together, and why a session with me is far more than a reading... It's an experience you'll never forget.


Book a reading NOW.

'I see energy, and that's what I read. Everything a client needs to know (and then some) is stored in their energetic field.'


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